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Smarketplace Virtual Mall is a Land Surveyors' Marketplace Powered by Land Surveyors United Community Marketplace Vendors.  Visit the various levels of the Virtual Mall to see what types of specials and deals our vendors are currently offering for Land Surveyors United Members.      Learn more about how Smarketplace works!

What is a "Smarketplace?" 

Think of a Virtual Mall and Marketplace exclusively for Land Surveyors powered by a Global Surveyor Community.  A Smarket is like a store in a mall... a Virtual Mall.   Smarketplace is where surveyors make long lasting relationships with vendors offering Surveying Equipment  & Support within their Hubs on Land Surveyors United.

Smarket is short for Surveyors Market.  Inside the pages of this site, you will find not only deals on Surveying Equipment and Software, you will find dedicated shop pages (Smarkets) which automatically update when our Community Vendors update the content on their Marketplace Hubs inside Land Surveyors United.  In other words, anytime a vendor posts new content to their Hub Forum, Photos, Videos, Events, Podcasts or Blog, those post will automagically post to their Smarket place.   Follow those Hubs inside Land Surveyors United to be the first to know when new specials, deals or demos are released!

Take the Elevator

Level One - Surveying Equipment

The first floor, or Level of the virtual mall is where you will find marketplace vendors who sell Land Surveying Equipment, supplies and accessories.   Level 1 - Survey Equipment & Supplies

Level Two -Surveying Book Store

Our Community Bookstore is under construction.  If you are an athor who would like to showcase your book or sell copies, please get in touch.

Level Three - Survey Software

Level Three is for stores that sell Land Surveying Software and IT support related services for Land Surveying Companies

Level Four - Mobile Apps

Level Four of the virtual mall is where you will find mobile apps and coming soon, Drone ROOM!

Level Five - Education & Web Services

Level Five is currently being hosted by providers of Web Services for Land Surveyors and will soon become the place to sell your online course!

Special Areas of the Virtual Mall

Antique Surveying Equipment

Find deals on Antique Surveying Equipment, updated every hour.

UAV Drone Surveying Equipment

Find deals on Drone and UAV Surveying Equipment, updated every hour.

Find deals on Data Collectors and Calculators, updated every hour.

Find deals on Land Surveying Supplies, updated every hour.

3D Scanners for Sale

Find deals on 3D Scanners for Land Surveyors, updated every hour.

Total Stations for Sale

Find deals on Total Stations and Robotic TS Instruments, updated every hour.

Find deals on Survey Grade GPS, updated every hour.

Find deals on Land Surveying Accessories like Prisms and Tripods, updated every hour.