Vendor Access to Mall App

When you are a Vendor on Land Surveyors United, the same email address used to log into the community is what should be used to log-into the Smarketplace App. Doing so will unlock many aspects of the app which normal users do not have, such as the ability to edit products inside a store and the Marketing Checklist Button Panel which provides instant access to your Marketplace Hub inside Land Surveyors United, for posting content.

Example 1: Edit Products Inside your Store

Every store currently has 3 products and i can expand that to as many as you like when you upgrade your account. You also have the option of importing a spreadsheet of products into your store. All products link directly back to your ecommerce so the referral traffic will come all day and night inside the mall, worldwide via the community.

Example 2: Use the Vendor Checklist Panel

With quick access to every single aspect of your Marketplace Hub and account inside Land Surveyors United, everything is just one click away, always.

You can also log-in fullscreen by simply adding /full to the end of the url like so: