Fun Fact: The Smarketplace Mobile App will work on your Data Collector too..if it came with internet browser.

Smarketplace Mobile App

How to Add it to your Phone, Tablet or Data Collector

NOTE: When the app first opens click the button to add the app to your homescreen. This will add a shortcut on your device home screen for quick access. Once you log in, it will remember your sign in credentials for next time.

Logged in Vendors have their own dashboard and access to edit products inside their store. For Example:

Virtual Mall in Your Phone

  • Follow all Surveyor Marketplace Vendors and spot special deals from anywhere.

Add the App to Chrome Browser as a Native App

Go to Smarketplace App in Chrome Browser

Look for the (+) symbol on the right inside the address bar. Click it.

Access at anytime from the Chrome Apps Button

Just go to chrome://apps and your app should be there. It will remember the credentials you signed in with last.