Marketplace Hub Management

Learn how to use your Marketplace Hub inside Land Surveyors United to post content to your store inside the Smarketplace Virtual Mall

Areas of Marketplace Hubs

What is a Marketplace Hub?

Your Marketplace Hub is like a smaller branded community within the larger global community Land Surveyors United. Marketplace hubs are only for vendors who sell or trade in Products and services for Land Surveyors. In order to create a Marketplace Hub go here and click Create Hub. The difference between Marketplace hubs and other types of hubs such as those for Locations or Topics, is Vendors can completely control their hub, add pages, set custom categories, import videos and RSS feeds and more. Every Marketplace Hub inside Land Surveyors United is not only like a sub-community dedicated to a brand, it is also like its own mini-news station about said brand.

Every Marketplace Hub has the following Types of Pages:

About Adding and Editing Features

Although all of them may not be turned on when you first begin organizing your Hub until you enable them, when they are turned on and set to visible by Everyone (Public) they each generate an RSS feed.

This means anytime you post ANYTHING inside any of these pages, a new item will be syndicated out like news to everywhere the feed has been embedded or programmed to receive those new items. For our purposes, such a place is a Vendor’s Smarketplace Store Page. This accomplishes several things at once. 1) Anytime you post to your Hub, a new update will show up inside your Store driving traffic back to your original post and helping you gain followers on your Hub. 2) Those hubs which are updated the most frequently with the best content (Pay close attention to the titles you use for posts), will not only get the most exposure from the community, it will also signal to search engines that their spiders should return and crawl more often...which basically means, the more you post, they higher chance you will have being the most frequently crawled Store inside the Mall.

And then there is the mega-boost that you can give to your content’s reach by configuring those RSS feeds to do other things and go other places everytime you post.

Editable and customizable areas of your Marketplace Hub

Your Marketplace Hub is like a smaller branded community within the larger global community Land Surveyors United.

If you look at the address of your hub it will be something like this:

Hub Feature

Adding the following to the end of the URL will take you to your Hubs Instance of the feature

  • Forum

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Blog

  • Articles

  • Events

  • Podcasts

  • Social Channels

RSS Feeds Generated by Your Hub

Simply replace the following ‘xxxxxx’ in the URL with your own to get the RSS Feeds for your Marketplace Hub:

PLEASE NOTE: If you change the URL of a feature which is already connected to your Smarketplace Store, simply let Justin know so that we can reset the connection on the store side.

How to Edit Hub Icons, Cover and Description

When you are set as the administrator of your Marketplace Hub you will see a new button show up on the right side under the cover photo which looks like this:

When you click that button you have access to 3 of the most important sections of your Hub like so:

How to Access Backend of Your Marketplace Hub

You can access the backend of your Marketplace Hub by either using the Options button and clicking Manage Pages or simply add =editPages to the end of your hub’s URL address. Only administrators of hubs can edit the layout and add content.