Member Raffle

On the 1st and 15th of every month, we download and re-evalutate the member data for Land Surveyors United. Approved Members who join Land Surveyors United are now assigned a Member Number which indicates the Number which will be your raffle number.

Beginning in January we start our Monthly Raffle of prizes made available in the Community Prize Pool or donated in exchange for month long promotion of vendors or businesses who donate. (Members and Vendors are encouraged to donate prizes as well).

Once per month in 2021 we will draw a member number during a live stream event. During that event, an entire list of community members will indicate if the number we draw is a paid member.

Paid members will be indicated in Green and those who haven't upgraded to membership will remain Red.

If the number we draw matches a Paid Member, that member will receive the entire prize for the month. If the number we draw matches someone in the community that hasn't upgraded, we will draw again.

If your number is drawn and you have not upgraded your membership, you will be ineligable for the prize.

Prizes may be anything from Equipment, Software, Safety Gear, Tools for the field, etc.

Only members who have upgraded to membership on an annual basis are eligable to win the prize. This means that when you join the community, depending on the day you join, you have up to 2 Weeks to upgrade in order to recieve prizes for that month.