Smarketplace Store Management

Ways to get your products into your Smarketplace Store

Control Your Branding

The ability to manage and control your own hub on Land Surveyors United is a Powerful way to not only build a massive following of land surveyors but to also cultivate relationships with your customers.

Socially Sell Using Social Media

All of your previous social media efforts can but put to work for you by importing your Facebook Pages, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo and much more right into your hub pages. You will in turn gain many more followers and be able to engage and communicate with your followers all from one single place.

Import / Embed Your Store

Do you currently have a store online? Would you like to have your entire store available inside the Marketplace where thousands of land surveyors can find it? When we set up your Marketplace Hub for you, be sure to share the link to your store with us and we'll integrate it for you!

Communicate With Your Customers and Followers

The ability to not only attract followers but to communicate directly with them through the messaging feature is quite powerful. Send updates about product announcements, create polls and gather feedback. The possibilities are endless!

Create rich content in the website builder’s drag’n’drop interface.

Think of a Marketplace Hub as a Mini-community inside the Land Surveyors United Community where your followers recieve your updates and announcements, can engage with your content, purchase your products and services and communicate directly with you.

You do not need a Webmaster degree to manage and update your Marketplace Hub. You will have your own backend where you can easily add pages, drag and drop modules and import your existing social media to gain followers and customers. We will set it all up for you and customize it to your needs. We even have videos for how to do just about anything you can imagine doing with your hub.

Do you currently have a Youtube or Vimeo Channel? Do you plan to start one? Marketplace Hubs have the ability to import your entire channel inside your hub for easy access and to maximize your subscribers. Generate self-updating content feeds (RSS feeds) with recently added YouTube videos using a list of keywords or channel IDs.

Does your company have a Facebook Business Page? Would you like to increase your followers and engagement? Your Marketplace Hub allows the import of your Facebook page feed so when you update your page, you are updating your hub!

First Way - Post to your Hub

If you have a spreadsheet of products that you would like for me to import into your store page, please email it to [email protected]

How to Extend Your Reach and Push Your Content Further

This new tool that I found absolutely rocks when it comes to pushing and pulling information in and out of my communities. It is called RSSGround and it blows the doors off of most of its competition simply by being far more robust and supported. Best of all, it is free to try! (I will tell you that they are offering a limited time 50% off of the Premium subscription if you choose to upgrade). I must admit I love it so much that I became an affiliate so I could pass savings on to my fellow community creators!

So what is RSSGround?

Automate your content discovery & sharing

Manage your blogs & social networks more effectively

RSSGround is a web-based set of tools ideal for anyone interested in monitoring specific web sites, sources and topics via the use of RSS feeds.

In other words RSSGround is a powerful content discovery service, that integrates a full RSS reader as well as a fully functional RSS feed generator for many popular websites and services.

Editable and customizable areas of your Marketplace Hub

Your Marketplace Hub is like a smaller branded community within the larger global community Land Surveyors United.

If you look at the address of your hub it will be something like this:

Hub Feature

Adding the following to the end of the URL will take you to your Hubs Instance of the feature

  • Forum

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Blog

  • Articles

  • Events

  • Podcasts

  • Social Channels

RSS Feeds Generated by Your Hub

Simply replace the following ‘xxxxxx’ in the URL with your own to get the RSS Feeds for your Marketplace Hub:

PLEASE NOTE: If you change the URL of a feature which is already connected to your Smarketplace Store, simply let Justin know so that we can reset the connection on the store side.

How to Edit Hub Icons, Cover and Description

When you are set as the administrator of your Marketplace Hub you will see a new button show up on the right side under the cover photo which looks like this:

When you click that button you have access to 3 of the most important sections of your Hub like so:

How to Access Backend of Your Marketplace Hub

You can access the backend of your Marketplace Hub by either using the Options button and clicking Manage Pages or simply add =editPages to the end of your hub’s URL address. Only administrators of hubs can edit the layout and add content.