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Forget Banner Ads... Try a Smarketplace Marketing Machine

We are introducing a new way to social sell on Land Surveyors United for Vendors who sell products and services to Land Surveyors, this is your chance to sell socially! All announcements about the Marketplace for Vendors will occur on this page and this page only. If you cannot see this page it is because you do not have your profile set as a Vendor profile. Simply edit your profile Member Status as Vendor and you will see it.

Request a Demo by Telling us About Your Company

Introducing Vendor Marketplace

Every Smarketplace Subscriber Now Gets...

For the price of a banner ad on other websites, you not only get a truly dynamic social media selling machine which attracts leads every day, all year around - you get a virtual machine which helps you automate your marketing efforts. Here is what you get with your monthly subscription:

  1. A Branded Community Marketplace Hub inside Land Surveyors United, which you 100% Control. It will be set up for you with your own forum, blog, videos, photos, events and more.

You can even run your own podcast through the hub if you like. You can operate a class room as a private hub. You can host a global virtual event through the hub with a youtube account. Your entire store of products can be imported and promoted to over 17000+ land surveyors worldwide.
  1. A mobile app for quick posting to your Hub on the go

You'll get your own dedicated mobile app configured for quick access and posting to your Marketplace Hub
  1. Your Own Branded page inside the Surveyor Market Blog which pulls your posts AS blog posts

Blog posts from this blog will be heavily promoted on our Twitter profile, Linkedin and our Facebook Pages. It pays to post often.
  1. A Smarketplace Page which updates everytime you post to any area of your Marketplace Hub.

Those areas of your Hub generate RSS feeds of info like a blog. Those feeds are pumped in real time into your Smarket page and through the Smarketplace Blog. In other words, everytime you add to or update any part of your Hub inside the community, you are also updating your Smarket in the Virtual Mall. That content will help you sell, sell, sell.
  1. An audience of over 17k land surveyors to support and sell products/services to

Think of it this way. Everytime you post content to your Marketplace Hub, your content attracts followers to your Hub. Once a member of the community joins your hub, you have added them to a list of followers that you can message through the hub any time. The name of the game is to build long lasting relationships with your customers. Now, this has all been made as simple as possible for you.

How to Use the Various Features of your Marketplace Hub

Hub Blog

Use Your Hubs Blog is a great place to share special deals and promotional pricing with Land Surveyors United Members. You can embed pretty much anything you like into blogs. Use blogs to post more in depth content and article.

Hub Forum

Use Your Hubs Forum to host support questions, answer frequently asked questions, discuss changes in technology, shout outs to members and companies, etc. Your forum can have as many categories and tags as you like for organization

Hub Photos

Use Your Hubs Photos Section to share company photos, surveyor events photos, product images and slideshows. You can also embed payment buttons, documentation, videos and forms into descriptions of photos in your hub

Hub Videos

Use Your Hubs Videos to showcase products that you offer, demo equipment and software, offer webinars and virtual learning opportunities and host Live Streaming Events for your followers.

All sections of a Marketplace Hub generate RSS Feeds that you can also use to syndicate your posts to Your Social Media Profiles. Use RSS Ground to generate your Posting Campaigns to your own Social Media

Marketplace Hubs also have the option to turn on other modules such as an Events Page, Podcasts, Social Media Import, Youtube Channel Import.

Get Your Own Smarket Space inside Virtual Mall

We have officially opened up the Land Surveyor Marketplace, a collection of Hubs owned, controlled and branded by Vendors inside the community who sell equipment/software and developers. If you would like to have your own Vendor hub, check out this presentation to learn about all of the things which can be imported and displayed inside your hub such as a store, social media, youtube channels and much much more.

If you are tired of throwing your money away on banner ads or print advertising hoping for clicks or calls, this is the solution for you. We'll set up your Hub, brand it according to your website or preferences and import your social media profiles for you. All you need to do is be ready to learn something new, willing to answer questions about your products from customers and followers and share new deals and specials with the community a few times per month. Marketplace Hubs can also have a dedicated mobile app built for making shopping on the go much simpler for land surveyors in the field. Contact Justin with any questions you might have.

We are excited to add your company to our Smarketplace and look forward to hearing from you! Once your Vendor hub is set up we'll send you an email to follow the Hub. We'll then make you admin of the hub and you'll be able to completely control the backend and all of the pages inside the hub. Pretty cool huh!

What is a feed?

A "feed" is a summary of web content that is updated regularly to keep members informed of the latest changes to a page or listing. Land Surveyors United uses the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) 2.0 feed format. For example, if you subscribe to a Smarket store's feed, you'll receive automatic updates whenever a new listing appears in that Store.

Feeds help us make content more accessible, and they allow you to easily see new content. A summary or headline view lets you quickly scan recent content changes, and headlines are linked to appropriate content.

How to subscribe to a feed

To subscribe to a feed, you'll need an RSS reader. To subscribe, copy and paste the URL of a page into your reader, and follow the instructions provided for that reader.

Marketplace Hubs are places where content changes on a regular basis. To make it easy for you to see recent changes and updates in Smarketplace, you can view their content in as RSS feeds which update to at least 3 places, simultaneously.

  1. Your new posts will be included inside a digest for members of Land Surveyors United who follow your Hub.

  2. Your Post will be Viewable on your Smarket Page inside the Virtual Mall

  3. Your Post will be mentioned on our Twitter/Facebook page

there are literally hundreds of other things we can do with your feeds. I've built magazines, newsletters, mobile apps, you name it from RSS feeds. Have an idea? Let me know

Control Your Branding

The ability to manage and control your own hub on Land Surveyors United is a Powerful way to not only build a massive following of land surveyors but to also cultivate relationships with your customers.

Social Media Selling

All of your previous social media efforts can but put to work for you by importing your Facebook Pages, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo and much more right into your hub pages. You will in turn gain many more followers and be able to engage and communicate with your followers all from one single place.

Messaging Your Followers

The ability to not only attract followers but to communicate directly with them through the messaging feature is quite powerful. Send updates about product announcements, create polls and gather feedback. The possibilities are endless!

Integrated eCommerce

Do you currently have a store online? Would you like to have your entire store available inside the Marketplace where thousands of land surveyors can find it? When we set up your Marketplace Hub for you, be sure to share the link to your store with us and we'll integrate it for you if possible!

Super Simple to Manage

Create rich content in the website builder’s drag’n’drop interface.

Think of a Marketplace Hub as a Mini-community inside the Land Surveyors United Community where your followers recieve your updates and announcements, can engage with your content, purchase your products and services and communicate directly with you.

You do not need a Webmaster degree to manage and update your Marketplace Hub. You will have your own backend where you can easily add pages, drag and drop modules and import your existing social media to gain followers and customers. We will set it all up for you and customize it to your needs. We even have videos for how to do just about anything you can imagine doing with your hub.

Would you like a social commerce hub for your company or organization? Tell us about your business here:

Social Media Imported

Do you currently have a Youtube or Vimeo Channel? Do you plan to start one? Marketplace Hubs have the ability to import your entire channel inside your hub for easy access and to maximize your subscribers. Generate self-updating content feeds (RSS feeds) with recently added YouTube videos using a list of keywords or channel IDs.

Does your company have a Facebook Business Page? Would you like to increase your followers and engagement? Your Marketplace Hub allows the import of your Facebook page feed so when you update your page, you are updating your hub!

Example of Hub with Imported Videos Surveying Videos Hub


This is a new approach to a long lasting and sustainable funding model. When your hub begins to make you money, we can negotiate a per month leasing fee in order to help cover costs of community platform and maintenance. Contact Justin to chat about it. Call 347-263-1455

Vendors: We have now made it easier than ever to quickly add content to your Marketplace hub by developing individually branded Mobile Apps for your hubs. Your app will make it super simple to add posts, upload photos and videos to the Hub from anywhere, on the Fly!

To get your Marketplace Hub App all you need to do is 2 things: 1) Send us your request for your Hub to be set up and we will build both the Hub and the App for you. 2) Have a short video call with the Land Surveyors United team about all of the cool things you can do with your hub!