Mobile Land Surveying Dictionary & Glossary

Every land surveyor in the field can benefit from having quick access to a Dictionary and Glossary of Land Surveying Terms. In this community edited Land Surveying Dictionary, you can look up common terms used in Land Platts, blueprints, legal descriptions and more.

Land Surveyors United Community Members can use the ultra handy Mobile Land Surveyor Dictionary App to contribute or edit terms from the field. Just add the Dictionary App to your phone or tablet homescreen for quick access in any situation.

Land Surveyor Dictionary App

  • Carry a mobile of our Land Surveying Dictionaryand Land Measurement Conversion Guide with you for quick reference. This mobile app for Android or Apple devices also provides quick links to every Location Based Surveyors Hubfor easily sharing photos and discussions from the field. It also has built in chat and quick access to all of the Surveyor Excel Spreadsheets found in the Spreadsheets App.